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Health/Wellness Benefits

We, as founders of Responsible Chocolate™, love chocolate in all of its forms.

It is one of the core drivers for founding the company, actually.

Our initial goal was simple and remains so: we wanted to find the finest ingredients and know they they had been responsibly grown, harvest and processed, and, importantly, when (this way we could insure freshness for our goods and products).

Today, our business plan and focus remains that basic (though once one really gets into the variety of dynamics that comprise the Cocoa Tree and its fruit a wealth of knowledge is waiting to be discovered as we found out and we're not done learning yet).

Did you know that cocoa and cocoa powers in their purest form have a host of health benefits ? (if not don't worry, neither did we)

In this section of our site, we will examine recent studies and emerging facts surround the Cocoa Tree from improving circulation in the human body to aiding digestion to skin care benefits and a variety of other benefits in between.

A great one to start with is the plant cocoa comes from, Cacao, have 40x the antioxidant potency than blueberries - "raw cacao" is known as a "superfood" like goji berries and pomegranate (though it is best to limit intake quantities .

The antioxidants found in cacao fight free radical damage, which is a major contributor to chronic disease.

In other studies we will profile here, Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder, are better than acai berries and cranberries for antioxidants.

 Stay tuned for more details.