Direct-From-The-Source - We deliver the World's Finest Cocoa & Chocolate from Ghana, Africa right to your door.

About Us

At Responsible Chocolate, we are a team of cocoa connoisseurs, supply chain, logistics and import/export specialists, agri-experts, technologists, brand building and business development professionals who happen to also really like all things chocolate as well as the health benefits of "raw cacao" (in small quantities) among other cocoa-derived products.

We create the highest-quality chocolate and cocoa goods available for both retail and wholesale buyers - all are designed from the ground-up to "give-back" with the goal of helping many thousands of villagers in Ghana, Africa (to start with additional cocoa-abundant countries to be added in coming years).

We are also developing a variety of proprietary "Ag-tech" solutions:

- to further improve traceability and tracking of raw materials and finished products

- integration of sensors on farming sites to monitor/reduce the water consumption that's required for healthy groves.

- trialing new types of trees, plants and crops to improve the ecology of and surrounding farms, many of which may even be just as beneficial for farm owners and their workers if not more than cocoa.

Stay tuned for New Product releases and info.